Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Hard to decide.

    It's time to start some new oils.  I've got several panels and canvases ready.  Do I start 3 different landscapes?  Northern ones?  Local ones?  Bottles or fruit or other still lifes?  Should I start another barn wall painting, I'm so attracted to those.  Anyways, these are the things I'm always thinking about.  Stay tuned for some more progress shots soon.

In the mean time, here is a small oil study of the edges of a harvested cornfield right here in Ontario.
 Corn field and sky, Oil on panel

Monday, August 10, 2015

Oil Painting Progress Shots

I like to paint broken pieces of glass in the sunlight and I'll keep trying it in lots of different compositions and colours.
Some progress shots on a recent oil painting.  I didn't start with a preliminary drawing on this one, just started with the basic forms and blocking it in.

Starting to lay in the background.  I didn't want to get too detailed with the glass before having to paint around all of the little pieces.

I went all over the place trying to decide what to do with this concrete background.  At one point I started painting the individual grains of sand in the concrete before I realized that wasn't working...

Close up of some of the texture.

Pretty much finished with it.  Like most of my oil pieces, after I put it away for a few weeks I inevitably see a few things I'd still like to change!

Sunday, August 9, 2015

Are these too girly to put in my boy's rooms?  They might get some anyways :)
Still doing watercolours in between oil painting layers.
Cherry Blueberry Popsicle Painting, Watercolor 8x10
 I just keep painting these because they are so very summery and so much fun.  All of the pictures link to Artfire where you can find these for sale.
Sweetpeas for my Sweetpea, Watercolor 8x10"

Thursday, August 6, 2015

Oil Painting Bottles
Broken Glass, Oil on Panel, 11x14"
Framed on my back deck beside some lavender.
Finished up this oil painting.  I really like making the reference photos for these pieces.  Smashing bottles and photographing them is very cathartic!  The play of light and the translucent qualities are amazing.  This piece comes with the frame because I am not happy with how the edges of the panel turned out.  Luckily I found a frame that I love and it fits in very securely. 

Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Sweet Peas, Watercolor Painting
Sweet Peas in Blue Mason Jar, Original Watercolor, 8x10
I've been having a lot of positive feed back on my small flower watercolors.  Thanks so much to everyone who's been telling me how they love them!  The most recent ones that I sold just made it safely to Texas last week :)

SweetPeas Wildflowers in Blue Glass, Watercolours
Teal and fuschia sweetpea watercolor.  Blue Mason Jar Vase
Sweet Peas, 8x10 Watercolor on Paper
They're such a delicate flower, I think I may need to buy a small watercolor brush for the stems.
I will link the pictures to where they are available to purchase on Artfire or Etsy.

Wheat Field Oil Painting
Wheat Field and Sky, 8x6 inches Oil on Panel
This is a quicker oil study that I painted of the fall wheat down the road from me.  I'm really happy with how the sky turned out.  It's on a one inch deep wood cradled panel.  I wish I had time to try a little study like this every day!  Click on the picture to view it in my etsy shop.
Josephine Czech

Monday, August 3, 2015

Tie-Dye Popsicles, Watercolor Painting 8x10

Cherry Lime Popsicles! Watercolor Painting, 8x19
These are so bright and summery.  I want to get some framed for the kid's rooms.  In the mean time I bought some beautiful stock photography and figured out how to insert my watercolors into a frame digitally.
Watercolor Popsicles, 8x10